Alaskan Airlines Cancellation Fees & Policy

How to Save on Last Minute Travel Changes

In the U.S. the Department of Transportation requires cancellation fees to be waved if a cancellation is made within 24 hours of booking a flight and the reservation is made more than seven days in advance of departure. If you don’t meet that criteria and are still looking to cancel or change your Alaskan Airlines flight here are some insights into their policy.

Alaskan Airlines Cancellation Fees

60 Days Prior to Flight Departure:  You’re in luck, there’s no fee for cancelling or changing your flight this far in advance!

Within 60 Days of Flight  Departure:  Alaskan charges a $125 fee for standard tickets. Refundable 1st class ticket holders and Mileage Plan MVP Gold / 75K members can get the fee waved.

Traveling Within Alaska:  If you’re traveling entire in the State of Alaska (arrival and departure) Alaskan Airlines will wave all cancellation / change fees regardless of timing.

Your Credit Card’s Price Protection

If you can’t get your Alaskan Airlines fee waved for flight cancellation there’s still hope. Many credit cards offer trip protection or insurance if you purchased your ticket with their card.

Some cards have strict criteria for reimbursing flight cancellation fees, such as necessity from injury, illness, or natural disaster. Others, such as the American Express Platinum card, will give you an annual credit that can be used against any airline fees:  flight cancellations, baggage fees, and in-flight meals.

To unlock your credit card’s hidden travel benefits download Sift from the Apple Store or Google Play.