Overview of Credit Card Travel Points

Do you travel often?

One of the best reasons for using a credit card while you travel is to take advantage/rack up credit card travel points. The more you spend, the cheaper it is to book flights and hotels. By carrying a travel rewards card, you are earning as you’d normally do so for other cards, but you accumulate points that can be redeemed for big savings. The price difference between redeemed points booking versus retail bookings can be in the thousands!

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Most Don’t Know This – Many Credit Cards Offer Travel Insurance

Planning a trip? If you are, it might be reassuring to know that your travel may be covered by a lesser-known credit card benefit – travel insurance. If something occurs during your trip, whether your baggage is lost or you’re injured, your credit card may reimburse you. Potentially saving you thousands of dollars, this can be a comfort to those who may have seemed content to roll the dice and forego purchasing travel insurance policy.Read More »

Discover it® Perks

Looking for one of the best rewards cards out there? If you’ve got good credit, the Discover it® cash rewards card can earn you an astonishing 5% bonus rate on eligible purchases that you make. What separates the Discover it® from its competition is by giving cardholders two options for signing up:

  • Cash Match™: a cash-back matching offer that reimburses all of your cash back at the end of the first year of membership.
  • 18 Month Balance Transfer: 18 months at 0% APR for balance transfer fees can give you time to make large purchases, interest fee.

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Amazon No Longer Offers Price Protection – Here’s How You Can Still Get Your Money Back

At one time, you were able to enjoy a price protection policy when shopping online at Amazon.com. That means that you would have received a refund of the price difference if an item had dropped within 7 – 30 days after making your purchase (if you asked for it). For consumer-oriented holidays, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Memorial Day sales, you may have been able to take advantage of savings of as much of 10 – 50% off how much your item had originally sold for. Not too shabby, but Amazon did away with this perk commonly offered by retailers and credit card companies last spring.

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LendUp Announces Expansion of L Card for No-Credit/Low-Credit Users

If you have a damaged credit score or no credit history at all, it can be difficult to achieve your dreams of financial independence. Often, it can seem like banks and credit issuers structure their fees and interest rates to either prey on those with a shaky financial foundation, further exploiting those who may be already deep in debt. Finding a way to reestablish yourself with “credit repair credit cards” can be a slippery slope. After all, these cards typically feature high APRs, exorbitant fees, and hidden costs that may actually worsen the financial situation of the well-intentioned cardholder.Read More »

50% Cash Back on Spotify Premium with Capital One Quicksilver/QuicksilverOne Credit Cards

Use Spotify? If you’re one of the 50 million subscribers that use the popular streaming music service, there’s a new offer that might be music to your ears.

Recently, Spotify teamed up with Capital One, the first-ever partnership with a credit card company, to combine the best of both worlds: cash-back rewards on a subscription service you may already use. You can earn a staggering 50% back on your Spotify Premium subscription by using your Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards credit card and Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards credit card to make purchases. To sweeten the deal, cardholders still earn the normal 1.5% rewards rate for Quicksilver/QuicksilverOne on eligible purchases.

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Going to College? Check out Journey Student Credit Card from Capital One

Going to college? If so, the Journey Student Rewards from Capital One might be the perfect credit card for you. It not only offers an opportunity for students to establish their credit and build good spending habits but earns credit card perks like cash back rewards with no annual fee. While this credit card isn’t limited to students, it’s designed for those with minimal credit history or a low credit score. If you’re just getting introduced to responsible spending and plan to use your credit in the future for larger purchases (e.g. a mortgage), Journey Student Rewards can give you the opportunity to achieve your financial goals.

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