Home Depot’s Price Match Policy

All you need to know and How to Maximize Your Savings

Home Depot is one of the largest retailers for home improvement and DIY repairs. Looking to fix up your home, paint that spare room, or make those repairs over the weekend? Then you can probably be found loading your cart up at Home Depot. However, what happens if you find everything you need except that ride-on mower was cheaper at Lowe’s—do you have to suck up that loss or make two trips just to get your next project finished? This is where the Home Depot price match policy is your ticket for one-stop shopping.

Let’s take a look at the Home Depot price match policy, what they exclude, how making purchases with your credit card can get you reimbursed, and how Sift can automate the process effortlessly.

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Amazon’s Price Match Policy

Maximize Your Savings with the Amazon Price Match Guarantee and an Indispensable App!

If you want it, Amazon’s probably got it. Amazon is one of the largest online retailers worldwide, with a staggering selection of goods—anything from clothing to hot sauce to drones. In addition to their expansive inventory and handy Amazon Prime service, did you know the Amazon price match policy may help you save money on goods that you’ve purchased in the past and on goods that you may be considering buying?

Simply put, if you’re able to find an identical item at lower price elsewhere, you may be able to receive the item at the lowest verified price at Amazon. Best of all, you can get it with Amazon’s super-fast delivery service, as well as the comfort of knowing that you won’t be ordering from an unscrupulous online seller.

Unfortunately, Amazon has been scaling back its price-match policy recently. Instead leaving it to savvy consumers to fight for the lowest prices. Is there still an option to get low prices at Amazon?

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Target Price Match

How to Get the Lowest Prices at Target

Whether you’re looking for clothing, groceries, home decor, or electronics, Target can’t be beat for great savings in nearly everything you could want for the home. While Target features some of the lowest prices and goods marked-down from their rivals, some prices may be lower at other places. Instead of spending your weekend shopping at different retailers just to get everything you need for your home, the Target price match policy can make your shopping experience cheaper and more efficient.

In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Target’s price match policy, how you extend their policy using your credit card, and an indispensable app that does it for you—automatically!

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Best Buy Price Match

Maximise your Savings with the Best Buy Price Match Guarantee

Are you in love with the latest tech at the lowest prices? If so, Best Buy is your destination to get smartphones, home stereo systems, tablets, music, home security systems—the list goes on when it comes to Best Buy’s extensive inventory. But what happens if you see a laptop at a lower price at another retailer. Are you out of luck?

That’s where the Best Buy price match policy can have you taking home your devices at the lowest prices. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Best Buy price match guarantee, as well as show how your credit card and an indispensable app from Sift  can make your life less complicated.

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Amazon Return Policy

Everything You Need To Know and How to Automatically Extend Your Return Window

Bought something from Amazon lately that just wasn’t the right fit, the best choice, or it was damaged in the mail? The world’s largest online retailer offers a generous return policy so that you get what you want:

“Items shipped from Amazon.com, including Warehouse Deals, can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment in most cases. Some products have different policies or requirements associated with them.”

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Target Return Policy

Everything You Need To Know and How to Automatically Extend Your Return Window

If you’ve purchased an item at Target, you probably know that you can bring most items back within a certain time. However, do you know what that time period is, or what qualifies and what doesn’t?

One secret for those who regularly shop at Target is that your credit card’s return protection can extend the period of the Target return policy so you have more time. To make this process nearly automatic, using an indispensable app, Sift, can keep track of these extensions for you automatically.

Let’s take a look at what Target’s return policy actually is, how your credit purchases extend your return window, and Sift’s ability to make your life easier.

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Macy’s Returns Policy

What should you know about Macy’s Returns Policy?

Have you ever shopped at a store and walked out feeling happy with what you bought, only to come home and realize that the dress you bought isn’t a great fit for you or your family doesn’t like the color of the bedspreads? Does the thought of taking it back make you anxious? Well, you don’t have to worry, not when you buy from a retailer that has a flexible return policy or when the credit card you used to make the purchase has you covered.

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Home Depot Return Policy

Everything You Need To Know and How to Automatically Extend Your Return Window Using Sift

By the time you get home from shopping at Home Depot, you realized that you might need to return some items. Maybe you bought another power washer without realizing you had the same model in your garage, or that new can of paint doesn’t match the ones you have for dining room. Read More »

Walmart Return Policy

Find the Best Credit Card for you

Everything You Need To Know and How to Automatically Extend Your Return Window

If you’ve changed your mind or an item didn’t live up to your expectations, you’re covered by Walmart return policy. The world’s largest retailer has a generous return policy, which is typically 90 days after buying your item. However, even 3 months might not be enough. If you want an extension, you can use your credit card’s built-in return protection to extend the period of time. While you might have to file a claim with the credit card company (draining your free time), you can use Sift to have those claims filed automatically. Plus, Sift can keep track of each item’s return window—automatically.Read More »