Five Credit Cards with Price Protection in 2020.

Price protection is the benefit that allows you to claim the difference in price when an item you recently purchased is offered for less. While this benefit has been removed from most cards, few cards continue to offer it.

Most people get confused between Price and Purchase protection. Purchase protection is a benefit that you can claim in case of accidental damage, theft, or loss of an item you recently purchased.

To be eligible for price and purchase protection you must meet certain conditions, which are also time bound. These terms and conditions vary based on the credit card issuer’s policies. We have covered purchase protection in detail in our blog, to learn more click here.

Presenting to you few cards with price protection, rewards, along with other benefits.

Wells Fargo Visa Signature card

Wells Fargo Visa Signature card is a card for those who want to earn cash back on all purchases. The maximum rewards you can earn with this card is in the first six months of your account opening. 

You can earn up to 5x points up to $12,500 spent on purchases made in categories such as gas, grocery, drugstore, and 1x points on all other purchases. 

Once you have reached the spending threshold or have completed six months, all your purchases made using this card will earn you 1 point for $1 spent.

The points earned will get you more value when you redeem them for airfare rather than cash redemption. You also have the option to combine your points with another Well Fargo card.

This card has an attractive introductory period for balance transfer and purchases which is 15 months, should you choose to explore them. 

Benefits offered on Wells Fargo Visa Signature:

Annual Fee: No Annual Fee

Cell Phone Protection: Up to $600 per claim.

You can make use of the mobile phone protection benefit which covers you up to $600 against damage or theft, however, to avail this benefit you must pay for the monthly phone bill using this card. You have to pay a small deductible to avail the protection, you can read more about it here.

Price Protection: up to 60 days

Purchase Protection: up to 90 days

Extended Warranty: 1 additional year on qualifying purchases.

Trip Cancellation/ Interruption Insurance: Yes

Lost luggage Reimbursement: Yes

Auto Rental Collision Coverage: Yes

Travel Accident Insurance: Yes

Drawback: The cash back you would earn for your purchases after the first six months or after reaching the spending threshold would be lower at 1x point. The purchases you make abroad are also charges a foreign transaction fee.

You can learn more details about Visa Signature benefits associated with Wells Fargo Visa Signature by visiting this link.

Capital One Spark Cash for Business

Capital One Spark Cash is not a personal card but a dependable business card that yields rewards on business purchases.

You get 2% cashback for all your business purchases. The cashback earned can be redeemed at any time as long as your account is active. You do not pay a foreign transaction fee for the purchases made abroad.

This card gives an early spend bonus of $500 when you make purchases for $4500 or more within the first three months of opening your account.

Features like recurring transaction list , purchase records download, and choose your due date make business banking easy with this card. 

You can apply for employee cards and this won’t cost you an additional fee.

Benefits offered on Capital One Spark Cash for Business:

Annual Fee: The annual fee for the first year is waived and from the second year, an annual fee of $95 would be applicable.

Price Protection: up to 60 days

Purchase Protection: up to 90 days

Extended Warranty: up to one additional year on qualifying purchases.

Zero Fraud Liability: Yes

Drawback: For the first year your annual fee is waived ,however, from the second year the charges will be applied to your account. The variable APR offered on Spark Cash for business is high, and the card does not currently have a introductory APR offering.

You can read more about Spark Cash for Business on our blog

Capital One Spark Miles for Business

If you are a business traveler, you will love Capital One Spark Miles for Business.

Miles for Business gives you 2x miles for all the purchases you make using this card. There are no blackout dates and seat restrictions which makes travel arrangements convenient using this card. Also, you do incur foreign transaction fees for the purchase you make abroad.

You can earn 5x miles for hotel and car rental booking when they are made through Capital One travel.

To begin the miles journey, you can earn up to 50,000 early bonus miles when you spend $4500 on purchases within three months of account opening.

The points earned can be redeemed anytime for flight, hotel, and vacation bookings. The points can also be transferred to other travel partners.

You could qualify for a statement credit up to $100 when you pay for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application with Capital One Spark Miles for Business.

You can also get an additional card for employees at no additional cost.

Benefits offered on Capital One Spark Miles for Business:

Annual Fee: The first-year annual fee is waived, from the second year there is an annual fee of $95.

Price Protection: Up to 60 days

Purchase Protection: Up to 90 day

Extended Warranty: up to one additional year on qualifying purchases.

Zero Fraud Liability Protection: Yes

Roadside Assistance: Yes

Drawback: For the first year your annual fee is waived, however, from the second year the charges will be applied to your account. The variable APR offered on Spark Miles for business is high, and the card does not currently have a introductory APR offering.

Capital One Spark Cash for Business card and Miles for Business both come with car rental insurance, lost luggage reimbursement, and travel accident insurance benefits.

The benefits listed above vary based on Visa or Mastercard, thus we suggest you confirm with the bank before applying for a card if you are interested in a particular benefit.

ABOC Platinum Rewards Mastercard

ABOC Platinum Reward Mastercard is a nice card that offers value through its ABOC Rewards Program.

Any purchase you make using your ABOC Platinum Rewards card earns you 1 reward point per dollar. However, you can earn additional 4 points per dollar on your first $1,500 in combined purchases each quarter made with your ABOC Platinum Reward Mastercard.

Your reward earnings begin with your first purchase, there is no cap on the points you earn. Also, the points earned do not expire.

You can also earn a $150 statement credit when you spend $1,200 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening. You can redeem your reward points for travel, cash, or gift card.

ABOC Platinum Reward Mastercard does not charge you a foreign transaction fee for the purchases you make while traveling abroad on a holiday.

Benefits offered on ABOC Platinum Reward Mastercard

Annual Fee: $0

Price Protection: Up to 60 days

Extended Warranty: Up to 1 year on qualified purchases.

Zero Liability Protection: Yes

Mastercard ID Theft Protection: Yes

Drawback: You may quickly reach max out on your bonus cash back category and any purchase you make thereafter will earn you on 1 point per $1. There are other rewards cards which offer a higher flat cash back earnings that would be worth looking at.

Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card

Formerly known as Ebates card, the card now goes by the name Rakuten Cash Back Visa credit card.

The Rakuten Cash Back Visa card is designed for shoppers who like to shop online and would like to buy from different stores. This card offers you the potential to earn cash back from over 2500 stores that participate in the Rakuten program.

You can an earn extra 3% cash back on qualifying purchases when you use your Rakuten Cash Back Visa card at, Rakuten travel and for In-Store Cash Back offers. To learn about how In-Store Cash Back works, click here

You must link your Rakuten visa cash back card to your Rakuten account and then the link in-store cash back offer to be eligible for the extra 3% cash back.

Your first purchase using your Rakuten cash back visa card would earn you a $10 first purchase bonus which would be credited to your Rakuten account.

While signing up for a Rakuten account, you can choose to link your Amex membership rewards account to earn points instead of cash back. To know more about Amex membership rewards account linking, click here.

Your Rakuten card rewards can be redeemed on a quarterly basis by check or a deposit to your PayPal account. The minimum redemption amount which is required is $5.00. 

Benefits offered on Rakuten Cash Back Visa Card:

Annual Fee: No Annual Fee

Price Protection: up to 60 days

Purchase Protection: up to 90 days

Return Protection: up to 90 days

 Drawback: Rakuten Cash back card rewards can only be redeemed on a quarterly basis, whereas most of the other cards allow you to redeem your points at any time.

To get the extra 3 % cashback, you have to link the in-store offers each time before making the purchase, whereas other rewards cards with rotating categories and flat cashback do not require reward activation on each purchase.

The benefits offered may vary depending on if the card you have applied for is a Rakuten Cash Back Visa Platinum or Visa Signature Credit Card.

While each of the cards is unique and offers different values, we do not recommend getting a credit card only for price protection benefit. Most issuers have a limit on the number of claims that can be submitted per year.

We suggest an evaluation of the pros and cons of each card before you consider applying for a new credit card.

Retailers extend their return windows due to Covid-19.

Retailers are changing their return policies to adapt to the Covid-19 situation. They are making it easier for customers to return purchases by extending their return window.
To make the return process easy, at Sift, we have put together a list of retailers indicating the change in their return policy.


Amazon has extended the return period for the items bought between March 1 and April 30, 2020. You get up to May 31st to make a return.

Bath Body Works 

Bath Body Works Covid-19 update and return policy page currently has no information regarding return window extensions.

Best Buy

Best Buy Any purchase made between March 1st and April 15th, 2020 has an extended return window till April 29th, 2020. Exceptions are items purchased with a third-party contract and major appliances.


Bloomingdale’s has a return time frame of 365 days from date of purchase but for items bought before April 1st, 2020, you get an additional 60 days. That means you get a total of 425 days from the time you bought a product to return it.

Purchases made online and after April 1st, 2020 in-store will continue to have the usual 365 days period of return.


Bonobos offer 45 days from the date of purchase for a full refund but currently, they have not indicated any extensions but seem to suggest chatting with their representatives in case you want to return an item.

Children’s Place 

Children’s Place offers you time till June 1st, 2020 to return an item which was bought between 1st February and 31st March 2020.


Costco continues to have a 90-day return window from the date the member receives the product. Costco is not accepting returns on specific goods such as rice grains, toilet paper rolls, bottled water, sanitizing wipes, paper towels, and disinfecting spray.

Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy

 All three retailers have extended their return window up to July 1st, 2020, for the purchases which were made between 1st January – 30th April.

Home Depot

Home Depot has modified its store return policy so that customers have more time for returning a purchase. You get up to 180 days from the date of purchase to make a return.


J.Crew has extended their return and exchange window to 60 days for items which were purchased after 1st March 2020.


Kohl’s has a 180 day return period, but considering the current situation, they would be accepting returns outside of the 180 days window for the first 30 days after the Kohl’s stores re-open.


Macys is giving an additional sixty days beyond the original return date.

Return Window
Most Purchases150 Days
Jewellery, Dresses and small electronic itemsUpto 120 Days
Macy’s backstage and Last Act clearance 90 Days
Apple and Samsung Purchases75 Days


Newegg Covid-19 update and return policy page currently has no information regarding return window extensions.


Nordstrom has set a time-frame for returns. They have indicated that each return would be dealt with individually. They do indicate that currently, curbside pickup is not available for in-store and online purchases.

You can initiate a return later at a Nordstrom store or return an item now through the mail by filling their online return and printing out the prepaid shipping label. However, in case of a return, the time taken to adjust a payment would take longer than 14 business days. To know more about their return policy you can click here.

Office Depot

Office Depot has stopped accepting returns and exchanges till April 19th, 2020. If you have a return that expires during this period you have a two week time as an extension beyond April 19th. We, however, suggest checking with customer care representatives regarding the extension dates.


Overstock’s website does indicate an extension, however, if you would like to inquire about the return policy during this time, it would be best to send them an email or start a chat through their site.


Sephora has indicated that it would accept in store-returns, with receipts, within 30 days of store reopening for purchases that were made on or after February 14th, 2020. For online purchases, the return period has been extended from 30 days to 60 days.


Staples has updated its return policy, as of 4/10/2020 they will no longer accept returns on open headsets, headphones or earbuds. 


Target has temporarily suspended in-store returns for the period of March 26 to April 26th. If the items have a “return by date” from March 26-April 26 then users will have until June 15 to return it. Online purchases from can be returned by mail after logging into your Target account and filling out details at the online return center.


Wayfair has paused the return collection of large items in certain areas. You must contact their customer care if you want to return an item and would like to know if your area falls within the limited returns zones.

These extended return windows are based on the updates posted on respective retailer sites. As the situation evolves these may change.

How to decide which credit card to use during the holiday season?

It’s the holiday season and the beginning of celebrations with family and friends. Everyone is creating a to-do list which may include ideas for accessorizing the home, buying presents and booking tickets to go visit their dear ones. While there may be a lot of expenses coming your way, by being mindful during these times will help you get the best deals and maximize your benefits.

We may have many credit cards in our wallet but picking the right one to pay for purchases can make all the difference.

Chase Freedom for Shopping at Department Stores

Chase Freedom credit card is ideal if you are going to be spending at a department store. Chase offers 5% cashback on combined purchases up to $1500 each quarter. For this last quarter of 2019, you can activate your category and gain 5% cashback on department store purchases. In addition, you continue to get 5% cashback this quarter if you are using PayPal or Chase Pay with your Chase Freedom card. You must activate this benefit before 14th December 2019.

Rewards Rate
2 Year Benefits Value

      You can click on the link below to view the list of department stores that are covered under this benefit.

      All your other purchases will automatically earn you 1% cashback. With Chase Freedom card each quarter you have a new category where you will be able to earn rewards. Chase Freedom is a no annual fee credit card that earns you points and when these points are combined with a premium Chase card such as Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserve the redemption value of the points increases. Also, redeeming the points for travel through Chase Ultimate portal gives you the maximum benefit.

      Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card suitable for Dining and Entertainment

      Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card remains the best choice for those who love get-togethers whether it’s eating out or ordering in. This card offers the best cashback on dining and entertainment which is at 4% and those who love to cook also benefit as the purchase made at the grocery store will earn you 2% cashback (purchases at Walmart and Target superstores do not earn cashback). Everything else you spend you will receive cash back at 1%.

      Rewards Rate
      2 Year Benefits Value

          If a large portion of your expenses is food, going out to movies, sports events, and tourist attractions then using this card is beneficial as it earns maximum reward points for your purchases.

          If you do not have a Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card then applying for one now would set you up for the year 2020. The annual fee is waived off for the first year, however, the following year onwards you would have to pay $95 as fees.

          Chase Sapphire Preferred for Travel

          Chase Sapphire Preferred is a good card to use to pay for the travel expenses not just during the holidays but also throughout the year. The 2x points earned on airfare, hotel bookings and dining at cafes and fine dining restaurants ensures a quick accumulation of reward points. If you want an extra 25% value for the points earned then you can make your hotel, airfare and car rental reservations through Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal.

          View Offer Details Terms Apply
          Rewards Rate
          2 Year Benefits Value
          WHAT WE LIKE

              The option to transfer your points to popular travel programs at 1:1 value makes Sapphire Preferred a versatile card for travel. Beyond these perks the Sapphire Preferred comes with add-on benefits such as trip delay reimbursement, baggage delay insurance and more.

              Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card for Everyday Purchases and Balance Transfer

              The cards mentioned above address a specific holiday requirement but here we have a card which is good for overall daily usage. There is no need to track rotating categories or monitor merchant code for the specific restaurant as every purchase you make using Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card earns you cashback.

              OUR BOTTOM LINE
              OVERALL SCORES
              Rewards Rate
              2 Year Benefits Value
              WHAT WE LIKE

                  You get 1.5% cashback when you spend on gas, groceries, clothing and more. The points earned do not expire as long as your account is active. It is also advantageous that there is no foreign transaction fee for the purchases you make abroad.

                  Balance Transfer Offer

                  If you have acquired a large amount on another credit card that has a higher interest rate you may want to consider transferring it to using Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card. First-time applicants can qualify for the 0% interest rate on balance transfers for 15 months, beyond which variable APR will be applied.

                  If you apply for this card and are approved the introductory APR offer is available for new purchases. Essentially you would get 15 months to pay off the balance of any large purchase that you may make. Not having to pay an annual fee makes Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards an attractive credit card.

                  Each of these cards carries additional benefits such as travel accident insurance, extended warranty, and to know more about them you can click on the learn more option. We hope that by choosing the right card you are able to gain maximum value out of your credit cards during your holiday shopping.

                  Overview of Credit Card Travel Points

                  Do you travel often?

                  One of the best reasons for using a credit card while you travel is to take advantage/rack up credit card travel points. The more you spend, the cheaper it is to book flights and hotels. By carrying a travel rewards card, you are earning as you’d normally do so for other cards, but you accumulate points that can be redeemed for big savings. The price difference between redeemed points booking versus retail bookings can be in the thousands!

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                  Most Don’t Know This – Many Credit Cards Offer Travel Insurance

                  Planning a trip? If you are, it might be reassuring to know that your travel may be covered by a lesser-known credit card benefit – travel insurance. If something occurs during your trip, whether your baggage is lost or you’re injured, your credit card may reimburse you. Potentially saving you thousands of dollars, this can be a comfort to those who may have seemed content to roll the dice and forego purchasing travel insurance policy.Read More »

                  Filling Up the Tank for a Summer Road Trip? Check Out These Credit Card Cards!

                  If you’re looking to hit the road this summer, you’re looking for ways to save money at the pump. Gas hasn’t been at its incredible peaks of previous years, but it still can be a significant expense on your next vacation.

                  Luckily, there are a number of credit cards that can earn you significant savings, cash back, and rewards points—all while filling up your tank. The only problem is which ones should you use?Read More »

                  Discover it® Perks

                  Looking for one of the best rewards cards out there? If you’ve got good credit, the Discover it® cash rewards card can earn you an astonishing 5% bonus rate on eligible purchases that you make. What separates the Discover it® from its competition is by giving cardholders two options for signing up:

                  • Cash Match™: a cash-back matching offer that reimburses all of your cash back at the end of the first year of membership.
                  • 18 Month Balance Transfer: 18 months at 0% APR for balance transfer fees can give you time to make large purchases, interest fee.

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