What value does the Deserve Pro credit card have to offer?

There are three cards offered by Celtic Bank under the Deserve brand, Deserve Pro, Deserve Edu and Deserve Platinum. Each of these cards is geared to address a different user segment. Deserve Pro is for individuals with good credit, Deserve Edu is recommended for students and Deserve Platinum is for credit rebuilding purposes. We are going to be reviewing here the features and drawbacks of Deserve Pro credit card.

Rewards Rate
2 Year Benefits Value

      Deserve PRO approval process

      Individuals with good credit can apply for this card. You can fill out the details on Deserve website to see if you pre-qualify for this card. This process does not run a hard pull on your credit. Therefore, giving out details to see pre-qualification won’t affect your credit score. 

      If you apply for this card then they would run a credit check on your credit score similar to other banks.

      International students and working professionals who have recently relocated to the United States can also apply for this card. International students are not required to have an SSN but their application is evaluated based on how responsibly they have paid their bills, overall financial status, and academic records. Deserver Edu is ideal for students in comparison to Deserve Pro. 

      Employment details are reviewed for working professionals along with their Visa and banking portfolio. Deserve uses its own algorithm to verify the eligibility of applicants who don’t have an SSN and FICO score.

      Your card activities are reported to two credit bureau, TransUnion and Experian.

      Five main features of Deserve Pro 

      • No annual fee
      • No deposit required, No Cosigner
      • The credit limit Up to $10,000
      • Free year of Priority Pass Membership
      • Cashback on dining, travel, entertainment, and all other purchases.

      You can earn 3% cashback on travel, 2% cash back on dining (bars excluded) and 1% cashback on all purchases. You earn cash rewards in the form of statement credits. There is a cap on the cash back on bonus categories. Cashback bonus earned on restaurant, travel, and entertainment is at a higher percentage until the first $500 of combined net purchases made each billing cycle. Once the limit is reached all the new purchases receive cash back at 1%.

      A new cardholder can become eligible to receive a complimentary Priority Pass Membership for the first year if they make purchases for $1000 within the first 90 days of account activation. Once you qualify for this feature, Deserve will provide you with the details and a unique code which is required for registration of this benefit. You must sign-up within two billing cycles after receiving the code.

      Additional Perks of using Deserve Pro

      Foreign Transaction Fee benefit: Apart from these key features Deserve Pro offers additional perks such as no foreign transaction fee on the purchases you make abroad using this card. 

      Card Management: You can manage your card activity on your phone using the Deserve app. You can pause a transaction, control access to international transactions and track your purchases. 

      Referral Credit: You can get a $30 statement credit for every approved referral. If you refer 10 friends then you can receive a $200 bonus credit. Your friend would receive a one-time joining bonus of $30.

      Discount on Feather subscription: You can get a $100 off on your first month’s rental if you use the deserve promo code “Deserve 100” at the time of your checkout. Your furniture rental must be for a minimum of three months to qualify for this discount.

      Credit reward on Lemonade Transactions: You can be eligible for a one time $10 credit if you make three consecutive payments to Lemonade using your Deserve Pro Mastercard.

      Exclusive MasterCard Platinum Benefits

      Cell Phone Coverage: You can receive coverage up to the amount of $600 in case your cell phone is damaged or stolen.

      Price Protection: The card offers sixty days of price protection for your purchases from the initial date of purchase. You would be able to file a refund for the amount difference that is between the paid purchase price and the new lower price.

      Extended Warranty: Extended Warranty doubles the original manufacturer’s warranty up to one additional year on eligible purchases.

      Travel Assistance service: You can get 24/7, 365 days of travel assistance service by calling 1-800-MASTERCARD. They can arrange towing services, arrange for medical assistance, and offer legal referrals. While they do not charge you for arranging assistance, however, there is a cost for using these services.

      ID Theft Protection: If you believe there is a misuse of your identity, then you can report it to Deserve team, as they offer identity theft resolution.

      To know more about these benefits or claim these benefits, Deserve PRO user can call 1-800-MASTERCARD or visit mycardbenefits.com


      High APR: The APR on this card is high and there is no introductory APR offered to new cardholders. The starting interest rate is high on this card in comparison to Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card and Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express.

      No Balance Transfer or Cash Advance option: The option to transfer your balance from another credit card or make a cash withdrawal from an ATM is not available on this card.

      Cap on rewards: If the purchases reach $500 in combined purchases in the bonus cash back category the reward percentage is reduced to 1%. So, you no longer receive 3% cash back on travel purchases or 2% cashback on dining. Instead it is 1% on everything on new purchases remaining of the billing cycle.


      If you are on L1, H1B visa, or an international student looking to build your credit then you can apply for this card. This card is advantageous for US residents who have good credit and like to receive cashback but not carry a monthly balance.

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