HP Warranty

Tips to Maximize HP’s Warranty Policy

If you’ve recently purchased an HP device (a laptop, tablet, or otherwise), you’re probably aware that it comes with a tech warranty. However, most consumers don’t bother to keep up to date on their warranties with all of life’s worries. Luckily, if you’ve made a purchase with an HP warranty recently, you may be covered by HP’s one-year limited warranty.

A lot can happen in a year, so you may feel that your HP warranty is insufficient. For those that are looking for more options, if you bought your HP device with a credit card, did you know that you can extend the warranty with your credit card’s extended warranty protection? Tying in with this capability, downloading Sift can make this process automatic. Read on to discover an overview of HP’s warranty policy, how to extend your warranty, and how to make that process automatic. Let’s begin.

HP Warranty – How It Works

HP’s warranty policy for its products is fairly common: you will be covered for repair/replacement of parts deemed defective within 1 year of purchase. The warranty covers free shipping on most HP devices (something not all companies provide), and allows for upgrades to the HP device that won’t void the warranty.

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How to Get HP Warranty Coverage

To get your HP device serviced in the US, you will have to go through their online portal . Once verifying some information related to your device (i.e. serial number), you’ll be recommended to a HP agent and/or service center than can diagnose your problem. If your device needs to be shipped, they will schedule a pickup of your device with a certified courier (i.e. FedEx). The repair generally takes 5 – 10 business days to complete. During this process, you can check the status of your repair at HP Repair Status .

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Exclusions to HPs Warranty Policies:

There are a number of exclusions to the HP warranty. The following damages are not covered by the warranty:

  • as a result of accident, misuse, abuse, contamination, improper or inadequate maintenance or calibration, or other external causes
  • by operation outside the usage parameters stated in the user documentation that shipped with the HP device
  • by using/installing software, interfacing, parts, or supplies not supplied by HP
  • by improper site maintenance or preparation
  • by virus infection
  • from loss or damage in transit
  • modification or service by anyone other than HP, an authorized HP service provider, or your own installation of end-user-replaceable HP or HP-approved parts

Extending Your Warranty with a Credit Card Perk

As mentioned before, if you feel that you need more than a year’s worth of coverage for your HP device, you might be wondering what your options are. Luckily if you purchased your HP device with a credit card, you can typically tack on a year’s worth of coverage.

Most credit cards automatically extend the HP warranty and mirror the fine print. This is known as your credit card’s extended warranty protection  and it mirrors the terms of coverage (and exclusions) offered by HP. Sure, you may be wondering what the catch is and the real answer is that you’ll have to go through a lengthy claims process, not to mention that you have to keep track of just when your old warranty and new warranty expire.

For those that want to take the hassle out of getting an extended warranty, using Sift  can take care of the guesswork that comes with your HP warranty. To automatically track of all your extended credit card return protections and to unlock additional credit card benefits, download Sift from the Apple Store or Google Play.