Lenovo Warranty

Tips to Maximize Lenovo’s Warranty Policy

If you’ve recently purchased a Lenovo computer (whether it be a laptop, tablet or otherwise) you may be wondering what type of tech warranty covers you from all of the mishaps that comes with caring for your device. Have you taken a look at Lenovo The truth is that it can be confusing to understand what type of coverage you may have. Do you have a 1-year warranty, a 3-year warranty, or something else?

If you’re unsure about your Lenovo warranty, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll break down how you’re covered, as well as a handy way to keep track of your warranty policy using  Sift.

Lenovo Warranty Coverage Period:

Lenovo’s warranty comes in a few different time-sensitive coverage periods:

  • For Lenovo products purchased on or after January 1st, 2012, there is Lenovo’s Limited Warranty-02 (LLW-02)
  • For Lenovo products sold between July 2008 and December 2011, there is Lenovo’s Limited Warranty-01 (LLW-01)
  • For Lenovo products sold between 2007 and July 2008, there is Lenovo Limited Warranty-00 (LLW-00)
  • For Lenovo products sold prior to 2007, there is Lenovo’s Statement of Limited Warranty

In truth, each Lenovo warranty is similar: the original owner of the device receives 3 years of free coverage:

  • During the 1st year, the Lenovo warranty provides free coverage for parts and labor.
  • During the 2nd and 3rd years, the Lenovo warranty only covers parts, with the customer being responsible for paying for the labor to repair their device.

Depending on which country you purchased the device, your Lenovo warranty may have extensions and exclusions for service.

How to Get Coverage:

To be covered by the Lenovo warranty, the customer must take the following steps:

  • First, contact a Lenovo Service Provider (for a Service Provider locater, click here). The Service Provider will give you directions over the phone on how to diagnose the problem with your device.
  • Next, follow the directions given by the Service Provider.
  • Typically, you will need to backup and/or secure all of your data and programs in your device.
  • If needed, you may be asked to provide the Service Provider with access to your device (i.e. passwords).
  • To allow the Service Provider access, customers must remove any features, parts, options, alterations, and attachments that are not covered by the warranty.

Service Providers will try to determine what’s wrong with your device and help you resolve the issue, whether it is simply updating the software or diagnosing a faulty component. Some problems may be resolved with a replacement part that you install yourself called a CRU (or “Customer Replaceable Unit”), which a Service Provider will mail to you for you to install.

If your problem cannot be resolved by following directions over the phone, by updating the software, or installing the CRU, the Service Provider will arrange for service under the type of Lenovo warranty that you currently have. If the Service Provider determines that they cannot repair your device, the Service Provider will replace an equivalent device. Lastly, if the Service Provider can’t repair or replace your product, the customer can return the product to the place of purchase or to Lenovo for a refund.

Exclusions to Lenovo’s Warranty Policies:

Of course, not everything is covered by the Lenovo warranty policy. This includes:

  • uninterrupted or error-free operation of a product
  • loss of, or damage to, your data by a product
  • any software programs, whether provided with the product or installed subsequently
  • failure or damage resulting from misuse, abuse, accident, modification, unsuitable physical or operating environment, natural disasters, power surges, improper maintenance, or use not in accordance with product information materials
  • damage caused by a non-authorized service provider
  • failure of, or damage caused by, any third party products, including those that Lenovo may provide or integrate into the Lenovo product at your request
  • any technical or other support, such as assistance with “how-to” questions and those regarding product set-up and installation products or parts with an altered identification label or from which the identification label has been removed

Has Your Lenova Warranty Expired?

The best part about the Lenovo warranty protection is that savvy consumers can extend it. If you purchased your Lenovo with a credit card, you can typically tack on a year’s worth of coverage. Most credit cards automatically extend the Lenovo warranty. This is known as your credit card’s extended warranty protection  and it mirrors the terms of coverage (and exclusions) offered by Lenovo.

However, if you’re like most people, keeping track of your Lenovo warranty policy might not be on your mind when you need it. After all, consumers purchase their devices in hopes that they work without a hitch or misplace the warranty documents in an overstuffed closet.

To automatically track of all your extended warranty credit card protections and to unlock additional credit card benefits, download Sift from the Apple Store or Google Play.