Take Full Advantage of Amazon Prime Day – Make Sure You’re Always Using the Right Credit Card

Today is Amazon Prime Day! What does that mean? A ton of deals that can save you a ton of money.

BUT what many don’t know is that you can reap the benefits of Amazon Prime Day EVEN IF you purchased something that’s on super sale now weeks ago.

Wondering how? Simple. By signing up for Sift and making sure you’re using the right credit card for the commonly-offered perk known as PRICE PROTECTION.

Price protection is a fairly simple concept: you purchased an item, you find a lower price afterward, and now you want the difference reimbursed.

Amazon used to be one of the numerous retailers that offered price protection, but no longer offers the perk. If you use the right credit card, though, you’re still in luck!

Discover, MasterCard, Chase, and Citi typically offer price protection as a standard perk; however, American Express has discontinued this perk on their cards and Visa only has a limited number of cards with this benefit.


Filing a claim by yourself is often an annoying process, but Sift DOES IT ALL for you! The app automatically keeps track of the price of each item you’ve purchased. If the price of the item drops within the retailer window we will automatically claim it for you. If it drops outside of a retailer’s window but is covered within credit card price protection window, we will also claim it for you! If you haven’t signed up for Sift yet, download the app today and start saving money!

Interested in learning more about price protection? Check out our in-depth blog post What is Price Protection?

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  1. Many people are spend a lot of money during Amazon Prime Day. This is a good event and the transaction will be very smooth if you get a credit card. So is better for you to hold at least one card in hand by not loosing the chance for you to buy at Amazon and saving big bucks.

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