Things to know before you get a Blue Cash Everyday® card from AMEX

The Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express has credit card benefits designed for those who are always on the move. Whether you’re shopping in department stores, buying groceries, or filling up your gas tank on a regular basis, this card has some of the best credit card perks out there.

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      In this article, we’ll take a finer look the Blue Cash Everyday® credit card from American Express and how Sift can help you take advantage of this card’s many opportunities. Let’s start with a list of credit card benefits featured with this card. 

      Blue Cash Everyday® Credit Card Benefits

      Credit Card Rewards

      The AmEx Blue Cash Everyday® Card is a cashback rewards credit card designed to put money back into your wallet on your everyday purchases. Ask how? You could earn cashback for most of your purchases, get:

      • 3% cash back at US-based supermarkets (up to $6,000/year in purchases, then 1%)
      • 2% cash back at US-based gas stations and department stores
      • 1% cash back on other purchases (cash back is received in the form of Reward Dollars that can be redeemed as a statement credit)

      (see The Fine Print section below for more details on qualifying purchases and participating retailers)

      The best part about this credit card rewards program is that there’s no opt-in and you can automatically receive benefits. Also, there’s no rotating rewards program—all qualifying purchases are always available.

      You can earn $250 back on your new Card within the first 6 months after you spend $2000.

      Introductory 0% APR

      The Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express provides a 15-month 0% interest-free period on purchases. After 15-months elapses, the card switches to a variable 14.24% – 24.24% APR. This allows you to finance large purchases while having a significant time to pay off your purchases before the regular interest rate kicks in. If you’re looking for more info please refer to (terms, conditions, rates, fees, etc.) about the AmEx Blue Cash Everyday® Card, click here.

      Blue Cash Everyday® Credit Card Drawbacks

      Although the AmEx Blue Cash Everyday® Card is a great credit card for your everyday purchases, it does have a few drawbacks that you may want to consider:

      Foreign Transaction Fee

      There is a 2.7% foreign transaction fee, you will incur this charge on every purchase you make with it outside the U.S. In other words, this isn’t a credit card you would prefer to use for international travel.

      Not a Visa/MasterCard

      Because this is obviously an American Express card, it cannot be used as at locations that only accept Visa and MasterCard.

      No Price Protection

      The AmEx Blue Cash Everyday® Card does not offer price protection. This benefit enables you to receive the difference in cost, if the cost of an item you purchased drops. Cards that offer this perk to be available allow for up to 90 days post-purchase. This benefit is no longer offered on many cards but is limited to few.

      The Fine Print

      The AmEx Blue Cash Everyday® Card has some serious cashback rewards, but it helps to understand which retailers and purchases are eligible for the credit card rewards program.


      American Express defines a supermarket as a store that carries a variety of food and household products.  However, if the supermarket carries clothes, electronics, and other products that aren’t used solely for the home—in other words, big-box retailers like Wal-Mart and Target—those purchases do not qualify. Additionally, specialty food stores or mom-and-pop grocery stores also do not qualify for the credit card rewards program.

      To give you an idea of which supermarkets do qualify, here’s a brief list:

      • Meijer
      • ALDI
      • Shoprite
      • Stop and Shop
      • Vons
      • Whole Foods
      • Winn-Dixie

      Gas Stations

      If you fill up regularly, you can earn 2% cash back for gas purchases. Additionally, other purchases made at participating gas stations also receive this perk. This is especially useful if you have some last-minute purchase or forgot to buy a quart of milk from the supermarket!

      American Express defines a gas station as a store that primarily sells gasoline. Supermarkets that have their own gas stations, like Safeway, Costco, Giant, and so forth do not qualify.

      To give you an idea of which gas stations do qualify, here are a few popular ones:

      • Exxon
      • Gulf
      • Hess
      • Mobil
      • Murphy USA
      • Shell

      Department Stores

      American Express has specifically partnered with the following department stores to give credit cardholders 2% cash back:

      • Bealls
      • Belk
      • Bloomingdale’s
      • Bon Ton Stores
      • Boscov’s
      • Century 21 Department Stores
      • Dillard’s
      • J.C. Penney (JCP)
      • Kohl’s
      • Lord & Taylor
      • Macy’s
      • Neiman Marcus
      • Nordstrom
      • Saks Fifth Avenue
      • Stein Mart[1]
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      Additional Blue Cash Everyday® Advantages

      The AmEx Blue Cash Everyday® Card has a number of credit card advantages. These include:

      While these benefits are great for cardholders, they can be hard to keep track of or hidden to customers. That’s where using Sift can really come in handy. Sift user can take advantage of their benefits, track and manage these benefits, and automatically file claims to get the cash back they deserve—no need to decipher jargon or mark your calendar.

      Want to know more? Click here to see how Sift can help your credit card put cash back in your wallet!

      For more specific information about the AmEx Blue Cash Everyday® Card, click here.



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