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Make your Credit Card work for you

Get refunds when prices drop, your phone breaks and a whole lot more!
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Make your credit card work for you

Where do you receive your purchase receipts?
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Get money back when prices drop

We streamline the claim process to make it as simple as possible to get your money back

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Automatically track all the benefits on your card

We automatically comb through your credit card policies to show you all your benefits in one place

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Know the coverage for every purchase

See what benefits you are eligible for everything you buy

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Chat interface to streamline the claim process (coming soon)

When things go wrong, we make it easy to file a claim

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What Kind of benefits?

Here is an example of a few of the key benefits that we unlock 

Automatic Price Protection

Monitoring for price changes in a product and automatically securing refunds if a merchant or credit card have a price protection policy.

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FREE Extended Warranty

Providing free extended warranties for items including televisions, laptops and other electronics.

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Protect your belongings

Offering up to 90 days of coverage in case your cell phones, electronics and high value items get damaged or stolen.

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Never Worry about returns

Extending the timeframe for returning merchandise that is unsatisfactory.

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What our customers are saying

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Trying to remember best card for extended warranty? Best card to use with rental car? How about price match when price goes down? I can’t keep all that in my head so I love Sift. It’s all in one place and so easy to use. Truly a useful app. Thanks!

Get automatic refunds when prices drop

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